The Multimedia Solution

Distribute TV, video and radio over your generic cabling system 

With its CAT TV multimedia system Datwyler offers a complete solution for cost effective transmission of multimedia applications in offices, exhibition halls, hotels and residential areas.

The CAT TV system solution is easy to implement - just plug and play - in an existing, application-independent generic cabling system. The signals are transmitted over any high performance twisted pair cable. Users can transmit TV signals (includig HDTV) and video over any balanced 100 ohm copper cable that has the necessary bandwidth. The system offers high flexibility and significant cost benefits by removing the need for separate coax cabling.

With the CAT TVmultimedia solution it is possible to distribute the TV and radio signals to any outlet over the existing structured cabling. Previously the distribution of radio and TV signals required separate coax cabling to support this one application to a restricted number of outlets. The use of the structured cabling infrastructure removes the requirement for costly new coax cabling when users move to a new location within the building as the service can be simply re-patched to any nearby outlet.