Flat cables for all elevator shaft heights

Whether simple standard cables or cables with integral data, telephone and video components: Datwyler flat elevator cables are just as versatile and efficient in elevator shafts up to 80 m in height as in those up to 150 m or 400 m in height. In addition, all cable types can be installed very easily and quickly with the appropriate suspension devices, fixing materials and accessories.

The unique cable design, the careful choice of high-grade raw materials, the absolutely precise workmanship with the latest production systems and the strict internal quality control guarantee Datwyler flat cable a long and trouble-free service life. Datwyler is therefore making a decisive contribution towards the security of the entire elevator system, both in PVC as well as in zero halogen designs.

Flat elevator cables - a pioneering achievement

The "electronic revolution" during the past 30 years has also set entirely new standards in elevator construction. Video cameras monitor the elevator cars. Telephones provide connection with the building service and passengers are accompanied by music on their ascent or descent. What was once futuristic is now reality.

Consequently, modern elevators throughout the world are inconceivable today without well-devised electronic control systems, combined with an absolutely reliable and faultfree signal transmission and energy supply. Datwyler began addressing these requirements many years ago, and since then has clearly signalled the intention to Iead the way.

lt was always Datwyler´s aim to produce a cable which – with respect to mobility, safety, durability and silent running – was superior to any round cable and satisfied the high technical demands of elevator manufacturers. This has been achieved by our elevator cable specialists in close collaboration with leading elevator manufacturers. A wide range of flat elevator cables suitable for diverse applications has meanwhile been produced and proven in practice, backed by pioneering spirit, ambition and intensive research.

Datwyler Module Concept

The simplest, safest and best choice of cables for all shaft heights

Datwyler offers the best conditions for a choice of a functionally suitable suspension cable with the new and unique module concept: quick, individual and economical.

Your benefits:
• Only one or maximum two cables are required even for the most complex functions
• Shorter installation times
• Less logistics expenditure
• Customized solutions

Selection guide

The decisive factors for the selection of the suitable Dawyler cable type are the height of the elevator shaft and the free suspension length:

Product overview

Please find a 2-page detailed product overview of all Datwyler elevator cables as a PDF file here.

Please find our detailed interactive product overview here.