Copper trunks (multiple cables)

Factory-assembled copper data cables
Multiple cables / trunk cables
Tailor-made pre-terminated copper trunking cable assemblies
- in the requested lengths
- with customized imprints on the single cables
- with the requested modules/connectors
- 100% pre-tested, with measurement reports

Modules and plugs for copper trunks

 applicationconstruction    compatible with cable

Cat.6A modules / Class EA:
RJ45 module KS-T Plus 1/8 Cat.6A (IEC)up to 10GBase-T      shieldedflexible / solid
RJ45 module MS-K Plus 1/8 Cat.6A (IEC)      up to 10GBase-Tshieldedflexible / solid
RJ45 module MS-C6A 1/8 Cat.6A (IEC) 180°-K     up to 10GBase-Tshieldedflexible / solid

Cat.6/6A plugs / Class EA:
RJ45 plug 4P Cat.6Aup to 10GBase-Tshieldedflexible / solid
RJ45 plug 4P Cat.6up to 1GBase-Tshieldedflexible / solid

Cable types for copper trunks

max. Class       
max. length

Solid BOL (Breakout light) cables:
6-fold CU 7002 6x4PFmin. 10GBase-T21.285

Flexible BOL (Breakout light) cables:     
6-fold CU 7702 6x4P flexFmin. 10GBase-T17.660
12-fold CU 7702 12x4P flexFmin. 10GBase-T22.260

Flex tube cables: 
3-fold CU 7702 3x4P flexFmin. 10GBase-T1260
6-fold CU 7702 6x4P flexFmin. 10GBase-T2060
8-fold CU 7702 8x4P flexFmin. 10GBase-T2260
12-fold CU 7702 12x4P flexFmin. 10GBase-T2760
16-fold CU 7702 16x4P flexFmin. 10GBase-T3260

Single cables:
CU 7702 4P flexFmin. 10GBase-T5.860
2-fold CU 7702 4P flexFmin. 10GBase-T5.8 x 11.660
CU 7120 4PFAmin. 10GBase-T7.590
2-fold CU 7120 2x4P F8FAmin. 10GBase-T7.5 x 15.890



Length definition / determination

     The following criteria are decisive
for all Datwyler copper trunks:
L = 
Length between dividers / fixing points 
= purchase order length
A = 
Type of assembly side A: 
as required / depending on application,
legs graded in length or of equal length
B = 
Type of assembly side B:
as required / depending on application,
legs graded in length or of equal length

Checklist: Project planning with copper trunks

Do you need the copper trunks for today or future needs?
1GBase-T, 10GBase-T, ...

Please choose the right copper cable type.
Choose the cable type - taking into account the requested number of single cables and their Category.
Flex cables are particularly flexible in terms of packing density but have higher attenuation - their maximum link lengths are a little bit shorter!

Please choose the right modules or plugs for the planned application.
Category 5e, 6, 6A, 7 or 7A?
For Class D, E, EA, F or FA

Please choose the suitable patch panel.
KS, MPS, ...?

What will be the length of the requested copper trunks?
Where do you want to install it: in cable trays above the racks or in the false floor? Please consider the diameter, the weight and the admissable bending radius of the trunks! 

How do you want to route the cables inside the distribution rack to the patch panels?
• side-fed from right? 
• side-fed from left?
• centred from behind?
• or ... ?

The single cables ("legs") can be graded in length, depending on how the trunk cable will be fixed inside the rack.
The "legs" may all have the same length - with enough reserve up to the farthermost connecting point.
Excess cable lengths can be laid in a tray behind a 19“/1U cable management panel.

Customer-specific imprint / labelling?
Available on request for all copper trunks.

Please consider some extra time for the pre-assembly in your timetable.

You need consulting service?
Please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to help you.
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