HDPS - High Density Patch Solution

Datwyler´s modular High Density Patch Solution is characterised by its port density and flexibility.

The modular High Density Patch Solution (HDPS) that has been newly developed by Datwyler is the ideal solution for fibre optic data networks of all kinds and sizes, in particular in data centres. Thanks to its high-quality construction and great flexibility, it can meet practically any challenge that the market can throw at it.

The HDPS modular panel can be equipped with up to 144 fibres per rack unit using preassembled HDPS MTP cassettes. It offers the highest port density currently available for space-saving installations. The solution can also be scaled to match the user’s needs (pay-as-you-grow). The modular design minimises disruption in the rack as the HDPS panel can be separated into three horizontal patch segments, from which each individual segment can be pulled out independently and maintained.

Furthermore HDPS MTP cassettes can be taken out, maintained and reinserted very easily from the front as well as from the back of the rack.

It is a solution that allows provision for future growth. Each panel has up to 12 cassettes, so it is possible to reserve sufficient slots for future expansions.