High Density Patch Solution

HDPS modular panel, 19”/1U
915540to take 12 HDPS MTP cassettes

Sturdy metal housing with base, upper cover and front 19“/1U mounting brackets.
Pre-assembled with 6 sliding support frames – each of which can take 2 pre-terminated HDPS MTP cassettes.
The hinged front plate can be dropped down. It...

HDPS MTP cassettes, 1x MTP to 6x LCD .
912913for HDPS modular panel

Polycarbonate (PC) housing with aluminium cover.
At the rear each HDPS cassette has 1 MTP coupler which is routed to the front couplers (6x LC duplex) by way of an internal fanout and integrated fibre management.
Can be easily...

Patch cables LCD-LCD
927407Uniboot, 2 fibres

High quality, high performance round patch cables, assembled with LCD Uniboot connectors at both ends.
OM3, OM4 and OS2 (G.657.A2) versions are available.
An integrated quick release latch allows the user to reverse the polarity (A to A...