These wireless arrays are the first modular WiFi products of their kind. They are characterized by upgradeability, excellent scaleability, high performance, and integrated safety. They consist of modular multi-state integrated access points...

设备包括可程控无线电的软件(2.4 GHz和5 GHz)带两个防雷RP-TNC连接器

- 支持802.11a/b/g/n 设备的无缝连接
- 无线电支持2x2 MIMO技术,高达1.2 Gbit/s
- 双核处理器带集成的控制器
- 工作温度: -40°C到+55°C,防护等级IP65,防尘封闭
- 软件可控制无线电在2.4GHz和5 GHz频段运行

PoGE系统通过千兆以太网数据端口直接在内部给Xirrus阵列进行供电。由于无线阵列相对于其他的 WLAN解决方案需要更多的电,所以使用PoGE系统势在必行,并且已经包括在已提供的捆绑包内


The Xirrus Management System (XMS) is available as a Linux-based appliance or as software for Windows HyperV or VMware solutions. Software licensing depends on the number of integrated access points to be administered.

Main features of the...

WLAN = Wireless LAN. WiFi or Wi-Fi = Wireless Fidelity = Wireless Standard IEEE-802.11.
Nowadays both abbreviations are used synonymously in most countries.