Faster, safer and more cost-effective

Ever shorter time frames for moves, adds and changes raise the question of how to carry out
installations even more quickly, more safely and more cost-effectively. Installation often has to take place during current operation and needs to be executed without costly on-site work and disruption, and as far as possible without any outside contractors. Neither the quality of the solution (maximum availability requirements) nor its performance should be forfeited in the process.

Datwyler’s modular trunk solutions provide the perfect answer.

Pre-assembled trunk cables are fabricated using high-performance cable products which are supplied in combination with different leg lengths and modules or connectors. The products are delivered in the lengths requested by the customer, with customized imprints on the single cables, and have already been tested and certified in accordance with the latest standards.

This provides installers and operators, particularly in data centers, with products which make it possible to install even extensive systems to the highest quality in a very short time.